Sunday, November 24, 2013

Deadset Babes–Dark Night

Boy do I have a preeeetty polish to show you today! I recently bought some beautiful holos from Deadset Babes and the lovely Bella threw in a couple of extras to review.


This is After Dark, a new DSB polish which “a black creme base loaded with a purple to blue and slight red duochrome.”


This is two coats:


How beautiful is that? The formula was awesome and it wasn’t a stainer which meant easy clean up Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

You can see the gorgeous deep blue and purple. I had trouble catching the red but it’s definitely there!

Here’s some more pics:





*drool* I just lurv this polish. You can get it from Deadset Babes who are also on Etsy!



Femme Fatale Cosmetics Sea Pony

This is the last of my products from Femme Fatale Cosmetics to review Smile It’s one of Sophie’s very own, Sea Pony.


Sea Pony is a vibrant purple crelly base with a boat load of pink, yellow, red, purple and more glitters of all shapes and sizes.


This is two coats:


I really wanted to like this. I know a lot of people do! But it’s just not my thing. I don’t really ‘do’ chunky glitters.

BUT on the plus side, it did have an awesome formula. Two smooth coats, no dragging. There was a plethora of glitters that came out with each stroke so no fishing required at all. I was quite impressed!!!

I do really love the combination of colours. They contrast really well.


What do you think?


Friday, November 1, 2013

Rainbow Honey Apple Kid and Sakuri Matsuri Cuticle Balm

I have another beauty from Femme Fatale Cosmetics to show you lovely ladies today. She recently sent me Apple Kid and a cuticle balm. I’ve got a cuticle balm already which I love, and I just knew I’d love Apple Kid too. It is the perfect shade for Summer!


Firstly, let’s talk about Rainbow Honey’s packaging. It is superb. Take a look at how my samples came:


The polish fit snugly in the little sleeve at the bottom. The cuticle balm was also shrink wrapped in plastic to ensure strict hygiene.

The time and effort put into this packaging really shines through. As I work in pre-press production and design at a newspaper and have my own polish brand, I really appreciate good branding and packaging. I also love the mini bottles Rainbow Honey use. A lot of minis have terrible, short brushes and are awkward to hold in photos. I’m happy to report that this bottle had none of those problems. The brush was great to use and the bottle is aesthetically pleasing.


Anyway, enough of my babble and onto the polish! This is Apple Kid:


Oh drool. I adore this. This was two easy coats. Application was flawless. Don’t you just love the shimmer through it? This is the type of colour that makes me happy! I’ve never actually used a Rainbow Honey polish before so I didn’t really know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised!

Then I tried the cuticle balm. I already have the Summer Juice scent which I love, and received the Sakuri Matsuri scent from Sophie at Femme Fatale. Rainbow Honey describes the scent as “Bright florals, exotic fruit, tea on Sunday afternoons, and just the right amount of sweetness reminiscent of my favorite lychee rice dumplings.” Spot on!

I took a photo of the balm on my cuticles to show you that it is moisturising, yet non-greasy.


See? I had only just put the balm on but it’s not overly shiny or greasy. It does absorb into the skin fairly quickly too so within five minutes my cuticles looked normal but hydrated.

One of my favourite things about the cuticle balm is, you guessed it, the packaging! It comes in a slimline tube which would fit in even the smallest of purses. I take my Summer Juice balm everywhere with me.

I can’t recommend these products enough! You can grab them both from Femme Fatale Cosmetics. Full sized (15mL – a generous size) polishes retail for AUD$11.85 and the cuticle balm is a measly AUD$5.50. Sophie ships internationally now too which is awesome!


Hope you’ve enjoyed my babblings, or at least gotten to the end of this post Winking smile

Friday, October 25, 2013

MUD Lavender Fever and Meet Minty with Delush Star Gazer

Hellooooo everyone!

Long time no blog! Life has been a little crazy so the poor blog has fallen by the wayside. Never fear, I am back Winking smile I’m not self indulged enough to believe you all missed me, but I am glad to be back blogging!

What has kick started this, you ask? Well, I have some lovely little polishes from Femme Fatale Cosmetics to show you! I’ll just show you one today, but it’s a pretty one.


Firstly, I picked up a couple of the new MUDs in Woolies. They were on special for $1.50 each – you can’t beat that! The two I used as my base coats are Lavender Fever and Meet Minty. They are both gorgeous, summery colours. The weather is heating up here in the desert so it’s time I get out of the habit of wearing dark, vampy colours.

I got a mini of Delush Polish Star Gazer in my press kit from Femme Fatale. It’s a neon glitter topper. I hadn’t actually heard of Delush Polish before, let alone tried them, so it was good to get something different!


I admit, this isn’t my usual style of polish. When I got it I thought “It’s okay, I’ll just swatch it on four fingers and take it off straight away”. Then when I painted my nails using Lavender Fever and Meet Minty, I realised it was the perfect base colours to try Star Gazer on. So I decided to do a full mani with it!

This is using one coat of Star Gazer over the top of Lavender Fever and Meet Minty:

LavenderFever MeetMinty StarGazer1ct

It’s pretty, huh!? It almost looks like two different polishes over the different base colours because over the purple, the neon yellows and greens really pop, but over the green, the pinks and purples jump out at you. I ended up really liking this polish Open-mouthed smile What a pleasant surprise!


I added an extra coat just to see if it was worth doing:

LavenderFever MeetMinty StarGazer2cts

As you can see, you do get a fair bit more glitter with your second coat.  I definitely think it’s worth the extra time! Being a glitter topper, this dried incredibly quickly and one coat of Seche Vite was all I needed to smooth it out.


Overall, I’m pretty chuffed that I got this polish for review because it is not something I would usually choose for myself, but I really enjoy wearing it!


You can get Delush Polish from Femme Fatale Cosmetics for AUD$12.00 each. Sophie now ships internationally, so that is great news! She has many other brands including Cirque, Emily de Molly, Gloss n Sparkle, Girly Bits, Enchanted Polish and, of course, my own brand Love Thy Polish!


What do you think? Is this a good look for summer?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Blog Sale!

Hi ladies (and gents!)

It’s that time again.. It’s time to purge the stash and get rid of some polish!
All orders receive FREE polish (depending on whether it fits in the postage satchel).
up to 500 grams (8 full sized polishes) – $7.50
Over 500 grams – $12.00

Please email me at to purchase and I’ll give you my PayPal details.

Please email me at if you would like a shipping quote. Please be aware that Australia Post international is EXPENSIVE and will cost you a minimum of $14.

Pretty Serious Forbidden Fruit, Blue Gums on Boxing Day, Twinkling Lights, Martian Sea, Daphne’s Birthday Party, CGA – $6.50 each

Revlon Blue Mosaic, Starry Pink, Rock, Modern Grace, Glitz & Glam – $5 each, Sparkling (see fill line) – $2

Bloom Bianca – $7, Arcane Dreary Days, Willow, Mercurial – $7 each

OPI Crown Me Already, Last Friday Night, DS Temptation, Teenage Dream – pending, Warm & Fozzie (BN) – pending – $7 each

Emily deMolly Dark Forces (BN) – $8, Cosmic Forces – $7, Dark Depths – $7, Insomnia (BN) – $8

Gloss n’ Sparkle Slowly Growing Deaf, Pyjamarama – $7 each, Alanna Renee Lenny (BN) – $6.50, Pretty Serious Tux (without box) – $6

Gloss n’ Sparkle Strawberry Jive (BN), Fruit Tingle (BN) – $7.50 each, Goblins Grave – $7, Mirage – $8, Loki’s Lacquer Reluctant Femme (Limited Edition) – $10

piCture pOlish Malt-teaser – $7, Paradise – $9, Orbit (BN) – pending, Boujois unnamed (BN) – $5

piCture pOlish Antique, Atomic, Mardi Gras – $6 each, Lilypad Lacquer Stretch for the Stars (from first indie box) – PENDING, Peita’s Polish Hi, I’m Trixie (BN – from first indie box) – $7

Cirque Fleur est Belle (BN) – $10, Cult Nails Disciplined – $7, HARE Supernova Springs, Afterglow, Magic Mist (all BN) – $9

365 days of Color minis (ALL BN except Free Spirited which was used for one mani) – Free Spirited, Vagabond, Gypsy Skirts, Summer Dream, Frolicking, Hippie Song, Nomad – $3 each or $15 for all

NOPI – Purple Yourself Together – $5, Australis Milky Way – $4, Deborah Lippmann Glitter in the Air – $10, Femme Fatale Shadowsong (DC – BN) – $8, Emberstone mini – $3 (DC)

Penelope Luz Follow the Star, Gift For You, Santa Claus (all BN) – $8, BBF Christmas Tree, Peppermint Mocha (each BN) – $8

essie Dive Bar – $7, Sinful Colors San Francisco, Mint Apple, Gemtastic – $2, Jessica Banana Peel – $4

Milani 3D Holographics HD, HI-TECH, HI-RES, 3D, CYBERSPACE, DIGITAL – $3 each

Vermelho Pink Pop, Free Bird, Sweet Poison – $8, Penelope Luz Love Me Tender (BN) – $8

Modi unnamed (BN – pale green crelly with glitters) – $4, Nail Stylure Unnamed (BN – pale pink crelly with glitters) – $4, Cate Ruby Purple Mania mini – $5, Orly Bubbly Bombshell – $5

Essence Pink Heat, Chasing Waves, Golden Sands, Splash Refresh, Prince Charming – $2 each

Nail Stylure GR01 – $3, Kiko 282 – $3, Wonder Beauty Products Lollipop Explosion (2 manis) – $5, p2 Barbados Punch – $4

La Femme Mistica – $2 (BN), Shades of Phoenix Dionysus and Astraios – $5 each, Rainbow Honey Ephemeral and Koi Pond – $6 each.

Pahlish Dark Parades - $6, Candeo Orchid – $3 (a lot of sinking) KB Shimmer Bejewelled and Showgirl – $5 each

Essence Where is the Party – $2, Evil Queen (BN) – $2.50, Jacob’s Protection, Alice Had a Vision (Again), Edwards’s Love, and A Piece of Forever (all BN) – $4 each

piCture pOlish Berry Nice – $5, Sportsgirl Nail It! Moonlight Sparks – $4, Cult Nails Charming – $7, Orly Mysterious Curse and Cherry Bomb – $3 each

China Glaze Whirled Away – $4, Avon Tang-tastic (BN) – $4, Illamasqua Snap – $7, China Glaze MINI Sexy – $2

Color Club unknown red – $2, Perfect Molten, Hot Like Lava, Foil me Once Cold Metal (all BN) – $4 each

OPI Navy Shatter and Red Shatter (both BN) – $4 each, Innoxa Watermelon – $5, China Glaze Ray-diant – $4

Chemistry/Flash 133, 619, 609. 503 (all BN – MATCH UP WITH OZOTIC NUMBERS) – $6 each, China Glaze DV8 (BN) – $12

Chemistry 120, 512, 514, 744 (all BN) – $6 each.

Monday, July 29, 2013

piCture pOlish Blogfest 2013

Welcome to piCture pOlish Blogfest 2013!
Each year piCture pOlish select some lucky bloggers to blog about their products. Everyone posts on the same day, at the same time.
This year I was lucky enough to be selected for Blogfest and the theme was nail art.
Uh oh. Nail art. Hrmm.. My version of nail art is to do some nail stamping. I knew I’d have to put my thinking cap on for this one.
Luckily there are some nail art ideas out there for us not-so-talented nail artists. I’ve put together a tutorial on some simple nail art that anyone can do – a “Nail Art for Dummies”, if you will.

Away we go!
First, select the piCture pOlish shades that you plan to use:
Lucky me was given Antique, Mardi Gras and Atomic.

There’s a little bit of prep work involved so make sure you do these few steps the night before you plan to do your mani.
Grab a sheet of household baking paper and paint a few coats of polish onto it. Allow it to dry overnight.
I wasn’t sure how much I was going to end up using so I painted quite large strips. You don’t have to wait too long in between coats for the polish to dry, just make sure you wait at least six or so hours after the final coat.

Carefully use tweezers to peel off your polish strips.

Grab a craft punch from somewhere like Lincraft or Spotlight. They are pretty inexpensive (mine was $7). Use it to punch the shape out of the polish.
Be careful as the polish can get quite brittle! You may need to lightly pull the polish away from the punch.
You can also use scissors to cut out thin strips or pinking shears to cut zig zagged strips.

You’ll end up with a lot of pretty shapes and, in my case, some sparkly strips.

Now we’re ready to paint the nails!
I used Atomic as my base colour with an accent nail of Antique. Atomic is such a pretty but subtle colour.
Antique is almost a one coater but I did two coats to be on the safe side. Atomic seemed quite sheer at first but it built up nicely with three coats.

Grab your third polish. In my case, it’s Mardi Gras, a multi coloured glitter topper.
I chose to go simple with this one. I simply painted two coats of Mardi Gras over Antique. It’s a subtle but glamorous look!

Use either a toothpick, a metal manicure tool or a dotting tool to pick up one of your shapes.
Dip whatever tool you’re using into a slow-drying top coat first so you can stick it to the nail properly.

Carefully lay it on the nail in the position you want.
Try not to move it around too much because you may smudge the base colour!
You can use cuticle nippers to cut off any overhanging bits.
I then did the same with the polish strips to form a diagonal line pattern.

Add a coat of top coat and you will end up with this:
There you have it, a pretty yet simple to do nail art manicure.

Now sit back, relax, and throw your arms out in glee!