Thursday, June 13, 2013

Happy 2nd blog-iversary–then and now

Happy blo-giversary to me!!!


Today marks two years since I started blogging. I can hardly believe I’ve stuck to it this long. While I’ve been a little irregular with my posting in the past six months or so, I always come back to the blog when I’m ready Smile


I wanted to take a look at how my manis have changed and improved over time.


This was my first mani I showed on the blog:

This was also my first EVER frankenpolish *hangs head in shame*. This was back in the days where I thought you could add just any glitter to a nail polish and it would work. So I used some craft glitter I got from the local newsagent. I tell you what, I must be ahead in the trends because this could definitely be a textured polish Winking smile It was gritty and bumpy but I was proud of it because it was my first!


This was the first mani I showed on the blog of another brand:

I thought this was a great photo at the time. Now all I can see is messy application, zero clean up and uneven nails. I still have this polish but I haven’t used it since.


This was my first attempt at nail stamping:

I hadn’t quite worked out how to line up the stamps and apply a top coat without smudging. I was very proud of this at the time!!!


This was my first Spectrafranken, September 2011:

Now this one, I still love. I used Ulta3s Bouquet as a base colour and added Spectraflair, which I bought from Cathy at More Nail Polish. This sparked my obsession with making my own nail polish.


And when I learnt I could actually buy suspension base, tints, pigments etc and make my own polish from scratch, I created this, November 2011:


I called it Bloody Mary. It was a squishy red jelly with red micro glitter and red holo hexes. I’m pretty sure I still have this somewhere.


And the rest is history. Love Thy Polish was born and more pretty colours were created.


This is my current mani:


This is two coats of MUD Camomania with some stamping from the Pueen Love Elements plates. I love it!

I feel like I’ve come such a long way in these past two years. Sometimes I feel insecure about my manis and if they are good enough but I know in myself that I have improved 100% since the start of my blogging days.


Thank you so much for reading my blog Smile
Em xxx

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Love Thy Polish sale!




Love Thy Polish is having a sale to say THANK YOU for your support over the past 18 months. The past few months have been huge for LTP. We have secured three new Aussie stockists, two of whom are in South Australia and will be using LTP for manis and pedis inhouse as well as selling them, and the other is Femme Fatale Cosmetics, based online in QLD.

Love Thy Polish also has its first international stockist, Mei Mei’s Signatures! LTP will be available to purchase from there within the next day or so. The stock has arrived in Singapore and will be launched on the website soon. Mei Mei’s Signatures ships WORLDWIDE, so all the LTP fans who have held off buying due to exhorbitant Australia Post shipping charges, you can now shop online at Mei Mei’s Signatures and buy all sorts of other indie brands including Enchanted Polish, A-England, Cirque and more. Mei Mei’s Signatures also stocks mainstream brands like China Glaze and Color Club and nail tools and accessories.


So to say thank you for making this all possible, ALL Love Thy Polish products are 15% off at until 5pm SA time tomorrow (9 June 2013). Aussies only, unfortunately, but international ladies, keep your eyes on Mei Mei’s Signatures!