Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Happy birthday Pretty Serious!


Photo thanks to www.pretty-serious.com


It’s a celebration today! Today marks the first anniversary of Pretty Serious, brainchild of Kaz.

Kaz has worked hard over the last year to establish her brand and she produces such amazing nail polishes, eyeshadows and lip glosses.

Without further ado, here is Daphne’s Birthday Party!



Gorgeous, right? Daphne is Kaz’s chickie babe who adorns all her branding material and she is so CUTE!

This polish contained medium sized pink, blue, green, gold and silver glitters. So sparkly and blingy, I couldn’t even capture it. This was two coats. The first coat was a little patchy but the second coat evened it right out!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Daphne, Pretty Serious and Kaz! You have done an amazing job Smile



  1. Happy Birthday to Pretty Serious (: And yes, this polish is super gorgeous!

  2. Lovely!! It looks great all on its own!