Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Mont Bleu giveaway!

I am so excited to share with you some products I received from Mont Bleu. There is something awesome in the works for Love Thy Polish and I received some products from Mont Bleu to try. They were also kind enough to donate a gift card to spend on anything of your choosing in the Mont Bleu store! How exciting!

Firstly, have you ever used a glass nail file? Before Mont Bleu, I had. I picked up a $2 glass file at one of the cheap stores here. And I hated it. It didn’t file any length off, I didn’t feel like it smoothed my nail, it felt like a waste of time. So it got pushed to the back of a drawer and I went back to the old faithful cardboard files. The problem is, they get ‘blunt’ so quickly!

I had heard fantastic things about Mont Bleu but never had the opportunity to try them. An Aussie indie recently started selling them so I had that opportunity and I fell in love with them. So I spoke to Mont Bleu and they sent me some goodies to share with you on here and also donated an awesome voucher Open-mouthed smile

They sent me a large Swarovski glass file and a small Swarovski file and a gorgeous pair of tweezers with Swarovskis on them.

How can you not drool at how beautiful these are? They have the authentic Mont Bleu holographic sticker which guarantees they are Mont Bleu and real Czech glass. The difference between the Mont Bleu files (made out of Czech glass) and the cheapie glass file I got (made out of who knows what) is that Czech glass never dulls. This file will last you forever. You can wash it, sterilise it, file your nails to your heart’s content and it will never lose quality. Now that is cool.
I was so impressed with them. The Mont Bleu files take length off your nails quickly and easily. My nails don’t peel nearly as much since using my glass file and I find that I can get a better shape and a straighter edge on my nails.

Here’s a close up of the stunning files:
They are honestly mesmerising.

I was also sent these goodies:
A beautiful Swarovski encrusted mirror and some crystal earrings!! I was blown away at how beautiful these are. Look at all the colours!

So, to celebrate the awesome-ness of Mont Bleu products, I’m running a giveaway. Mont Bleu have kindly donated a USD$30 gift card for one lucky reader.

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  1. I fell UP the stairs...yes I can do that Im so clumbsy. LOL

  2. Mmmm ... I thought my nails yesterday for St Patricks Day was funny. I'm pretty funny all the time though ;)

  3. Ooooo, The file I can't live without, and look at those tweezers!!!

  4. I'm totally in love with Mont Bleu files. I also have a set of tweezers from them and I basically need to throw all my other tweezers in the garbage, the difference is so huge. I could spend ALL THE MONIES on their site!

    As to something funny that's happened lately... the other night my two kitties were on the bed and lick-fighting (if you know what I mean... where they lick each other but it makes the other cat grumpy when she gets licked) and then they started wrestling kind of? And then they fell off the bed. Felines so graceful!

  5. I spent the afternoon getting my talons filed down with my Mont Bleu file. Love it totally. This is what nail files should ALL be like!

  6. I spent the afternoon getting my talons filed down with my Mont Bleu file. Love it totally. This is what nail files should ALL be like!

  7. I love the Mont Bleu files :)
    Funny thing happened last night but it wasn't funny at the time. I painted my nails. 4 coats for opacity, yes 4! Then I used quick dry drops so I could get a photos before bed. I forgot I'd used peel off base so the quick dry drops lifted the base and the whole lot just floated off my nails :( I didn't get any photos and now have to swatch that polish again.

  8. I've never tried Mont Bleu before, but I've heard fantastic things about them! Great giveaway! <3

    1. Also...I fail at reading directions. Is that funny? LOL!

  9. I just forwarded this to my boyfriend with a subject heading '*hint hint*' It's the fourth *hint hint* email I've sent him all week!!

  10. Yesterday I hit a fence while parking my car, fortunately there was only a small scratch on the bumper lol

  11. Funny.. I don't think anything funny has really happened to me lately unfortunately. I am in need of laughs :(

  12. Funniest thing? be friends with you :P lolol

  13. it did not actually happen to me but pops was watching paw patrol the other day and she was singing along to it and then i had to take a double take. so i listened carefully to what she was singing and she was singing "paw patrol par patrol their a bunch of F**kers!" i nearly died!! then pissed myself it was so funny!!! i asked her where she heard it from and she said very cutely...."zoe taught me that!" i was not happy with the Z:/ but it was supper funny tho!!!

  14. Well, I walked into a glass door in front of strangers at the local coffee shop. Serves me right for texting while walking.

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